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This research examines through empirical research about how consumer’s perceived information affects the consumer’s perceived risk before purchase situation. Consumers are interested in pre-purchase information, and collect information through various resources. In particular, this research focuses on brand, word-of-mouth and customized information among resources of consumer’s pre-purchase information. It is remarkable that customized information and word-of-mouth communication effects show strong influence to consumers more than other information on e-commerce. They give reliance to consumers much more than any other information because based on consumer’s experience and relevance on product purchase. Brand also has a significant effect upon consumer’s perceived risk. Finally, the results of this research might offer the insight and the importance of management about a role of pre-purchase information to marketers and marketing researchers on the e-commerce.


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This research examines empirically how consumers’ information perception affects their risk perception in a purchase situation. Because consumers are most interested in prepurchase information, which they collect through a variety of sources, we compare brand, word-of-mouth, and customized information from consumers’ prepurchase resources. We find that customized information and word-of-mouth communication exert a far stronger influence on consumers than does information from e-commerce. Nonetheless, although consumers rely more heavily on these two factors because they are based in consumer experience and are relevant to product purchase, brand also has a significant effect on consumer perceptions of risk. These findings may offer valuable insights to marketers and marketing researchers on the role and importance of prepurchase information in management and e-commerce.



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