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JuliaRetired from teaching in the (non-creative) Writing Program at Arizona State University, managing editor (and Wakonse Fellow) Julia Calnan Angelica (Sila ni Cuillinane) has over 25 years experience of freelance academic editing and has worked professionally in both traditional and desktop publishing. In the former, she earned editing credit for several works of drama, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction; in the latter, for several well-recognized monthly publications in business and economics.
With degrees in English literature/sociology, TESL/linguistics, and cognitive studies, respectively, she has since published in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, writing/TESL pedagogy, and linguistics. As a teacher, she specialized in professional and technical writing, particularly to non-native speakers of English. Her professional affiliations included the American Association of University Professors and the Cognitive Neuroscience Society.
As primary editor at AcademicEdit, Julia has successfully assisted clients in fields as diverse as accounting, archeology, anthropological linguistics, business management, clinical psychology, computer science/computer information systems, Egyptology, education, engineering, forest ecology, marketing, music, organization science, pharmacology, political science, and social work.
Julia is proud to have worked with clients from such leading U.S. universities/schools as Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Wharton, and Yale; and she has greatly enjoyed working with international scholars from Australia, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.
Julia brings to the editing collaboration not only vast experience, an in-depth understanding of rhetoric and stylistics, and an eye for detail, but also a broad academic knowledge base and lively intellect. It is perhaps the latter that most particularly allows for the "objective exchange of ideas" that academic clients tend to value.
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